Commercial Electrician in Dallas, Fort Worth, Burleson, Grand Prairie, and Nearby Cities

A commercial electrician is a trained and licensed electrician who specializes in the wiring and electrical systems of commercial buildings rather than residential ones. These commercial electricians work in huge buildings with complex systems, such as shopping malls, government buildings, restaurants, office buildings, and high-rise buildings. Commercial electricians conduct a variety of maintenance, repair, installation, and inspection jobs to keep the building in good working order. Any structures that aren’t frequently found in a residence fall into this category. When compared to the residences where domestic electricians work, their area of work is frequently far broader. An exception is a large apartment complex that could be classified as commercial rather than residential.

Commercial Electrician Working in Dallas, Fort Worth, Burleson, Grand Prairie, and Nearby Cities

The following are some of the responsibilities of these electricians:

  • Transformers, motors, generators, conduits (internal/external), power circuits, and switchboards are among the electrical systems. 
  • A commercial electrician’s principal task is to install, maintain, and repair or replace circuits that aren’t working properly.
  • We examine electrical systems for safety, functionality, and compliance with industry standards.
  • We use schematics to troubleshoot specific problem areas such as switches, circuits, fuses, ballasts, and fixtures to identify and resolve electrical system difficulties.
  • For new projects, we prepare electrical system plans.

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Our services are available around Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, TX, Midlothian, Grand Prairie, and Burleson areas.