Construction and Design by Licensed Electrician and Electrical Contractors in Dallas, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Burleson, Grand Prairie, Arlington, TX, and Surrounding Areas

When looking for a trusted and experienced electrical contractor for your new construction or remodel project, look no further than Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. Our experienced team of licensed electricians, apprentices, estimators, and professional project managers has the knowledge, skills, and dedication to create safe, energy-efficient, and practical spaces to meet your commercial, residential, and industrial needs.

If you are a General Contractor or Construction Manager, you will not find a more qualified electrical contractor to partner with on your construction project than Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. Our track record of successfully completed projects includes hospitals, medical clinics, schools, automobile dealerships, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, banks, retail stores, restaurants, and general office spaces.

Design Services by Licensed Electrician

Construction and Design by Electrical Contractors in Dallas, TX Whether initiating new construction projects or considering a renovation of an existing space, Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. specializes and excels in designing electrical solutions to meet your needs. From conception to completion, we are experts at creating an integrated electrical system plan that combines the various aspects of planning, design, budgeting, and construction. At Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. we make it our mission to understand your needs and the needs of your end-users and other stakeholders from the beginning and to establish a “start-to-finish” collaboration that ensures you receive maximum quality and value for your project


If you are considering building a new project or renovating existing space and are not sure how to navigate the process, let Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. partner with you to create a system of electrical lighting and power that meets all current codes and standards, and your individual needs. Our wealth of experience, strong relationships with product manufacturers, and access to real-time pricing enables us to create realistic budgets and retain maximum value for your construction dollars.

Design-Assist by Electrical Contractors

At Tutor Electrical Service, Inc., we excel at partnering with Owners and design teams to assist in creating high-performance, energy-efficient, electrical solutions and realistic budgets for your new construction or renovation project. We excel in working closely not only with you but with the entire design team to find solutions that drive added value into existing plans and specifications without sacrificing performance or aesthetic appeal. Our team not only has ample experience in designing and building high-quality electrical systems but a broad knowledge of energy-efficient solutions and options that will save you money and help the environment.

Benefits of Construction & Design

Combining construction and Design in either Design-Build or Design-Assist relationships helps ensure the effective and efficient construction of buildings, and creates an environment of synergy and creativity between owners and their design team, including electrical contractors such as Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. With open communication and clear expectations, these collaborative relationships keep communication channels clear and yield a range of other benefits including:

Faster Project Delivery

With you, Tutor Electrical Service, Inc., your general contractor, and the rest of the design team on the same page, your project gets completed quicker, and more efficiently.

Energy Efficiency

Collaborating with Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. when selecting the light fixtures, lighting controls, and other electrical equipment for your project allows for maximum energy efficiency and compliance with current energy codes and standards. An efficient system of electrical lighting and power reduces your carbon footprint and helps you save money on costly electricity bills.


Our design team will help you create beautiful and functional spaces that provide flexibility and a wide-range of customizable options in LED lighting, digital lighting controls, and much more!


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