LED Recessed Lighting, LED Lighting Install, and LED Lighting in Fort Worth, Dallas, Mansfield, Burleson, Grand Prairie, Arlington, TX, and Surrounding Areas

LED Recessed Lighting in Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX According to the Department of Energy, LED (light-emitting diode) is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies.

​There are many benefits to using LED lighting for your commercial or industrial facility which include:

​Energy efficiency – LED lights use about 50% less electricity than traditional lighting options which can substantially reduce your energy costs.

  1. Longevity – Quality LED light bulbs with a 50,000-hour rating will last over 16 years if you run it for 8 hours a day!
  2. Environmentally Safer – LED lights are free of toxic chemicals. Many of the LED bulbs available today are made of materials that can be recycled.
  3. Durability – LED lights are resistant to vibration and shock. Their durability makes them ideal for exposure to wind and rain.

LED Recessed Lighting Install for the DFW Metroplex

If you are considering LED lighting for your business or facility, we can help. Our lighting technicians will work with you to retrofit your existing light fixtures for LED use. In some cases, where existing fixtures cannot be retrofitted, we can upgrade your fixtures with full LED lighting replacements.

​If you are feeling uncertain whether LED lighting is the right choice for your facility, please call us. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when making this investment. We will send one of our expert lighting technicians to your facility to assess your lighting needs and answer your questions.

​We want you to have peace of mind that you are making the right lighting decisions for your business.

LED Lighting Install in Dallas, and Arlington, TX

Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Repairs

Let Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. provide you with a solution to upgrade your commercial building or industrial facility to an energy-efficient and reliable LED lighting solution. Besides providing energy efficiency an LED upgrade can provide much better lighting levels, improved aesthetics, and increased security for personnel. In many cases, existing lighting can be retrofitted to newer LED technology without having to completely replace the entire system.

We will be happy to visit your location in Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Dallas, and the surrounding areas to evaluate your existing lighting system and make recommendations for upgrades, retrofits, and replacements of your interior and exterior lighting.

Residential LED Lighting upgrades and Recessed LED Lighting

Incorporating LED Lighting Features into your Home

The lighting in a room sets the tone for space and updating a room’s light features is a great way to change the room’s ambiance and atmosphere. From undercabinet task lighting in your kitchen or office to recessed can lights in your living and dining room and even exterior motion or accent lighting, with Tutor Electric, the possibilities are endless. Tutor Electric can provide residential lighting installation for any type of lighting you can dream of. If you don’t yet have a clear vision of what you want, Tutor Electric and our licensed technicians can help guide and advise you on what is possible for your home, your family, and your budget.

What are My Options?

  • Swapping out old lights and installing new fixtures is a budget-friendly way to update and personalize a space without investing in major renovations.
  • Recessed lighting is great for spaces with large applications. Recessed “can” lights in kitchens, for example, make entertaining and cooking more enjoyable.
  • Under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen takes countertop prep work to a whole new level.  It’s also great behind backsplashes—it truly makes them pop, especially once the cooking and cleaning are done and all of the other lights are turned down low.
  • Exterior LED lighting upgrades can provide increased security and ambiance to your home while providing energy savings over traditional incandescent lighting.

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