Bobby J. Tutor

Bobby has been actively involved in the construction industry for over 40 years. After ten years in residential building and a six-year career with the United States Navy, Bobby entered an apprenticeship program sponsored by Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc.  (IEC, Inc.) to pursue a career in the electrical field. Bobby’s work ethic and pursuit of excellence contributed to him being chosen for outstanding achievements during his apprenticeship training. Bobby is a licensed Master Electrician who worked for three electrical contractors before launching his own company in 1993. 

Bobby is committed to the successful future of the independent electrical contractor through his leadership roles with the IEC, Inc. Fort Worth – Tarrant County Chapter, IEC, Inc. of Texas and IEC National. His 19 year involvement includes a variety of positions including Board Member (since 1995), Past President of Fort Worth-Tarrant County Chapter, and Past-President IEC of Texas in Austin, Past IEC National Regional Director, Past IEC National Secretary-Treasurer, and Past IEC National President.  Bobby remains very active with this association today as he believes the future of our industry lies in the training of future electricians. Bobby’s commitment to the successful completion of our construction projects is evident by our 100% track record since January 1993.

Bobby is fully committed to our mission statement, to be an honest, straightforward business, faithful to our customers and faithful to our employees. It is our mission to produce quality work with a positive attitude that will in effect generate profits, thereby assuring the future of the company and the employment opportunities here. Bobby encourages all employees to strive for excellence and has worked to keep this his company’s culture since the beginning.